Date Night at the Art Gallery

Date night at the art gallery to some might sound like a boring, expensive night out.  For my wife and I, taking in an opening of an art show, doing an art crawl or attending a music and arts festival, is just the right fit for our date night. Wichita has a great art scene. Here are some tips for getting the most out of it.

Gallery Events

With 28 art galleries and counting there is often a gallery doing a show featuring one or more artists.  We keep an eye on local art gallery events calendars like the one at the Wichita Eagle’s website.  Most have no cover to attend and offer complimentary refreshments.  Once you find a few you like look them up on your social media channel of choice to get the latest updates. I would also suggest checking out this list of Wichita art galleries from the Go Wichita website.

Final Friday in Wichita

WSU senior Beth Post and WSU alumnus Fred Bohn host an aray of the different art pieces that they have created to show at the Final Friday event in Old Town. via

The Final Friday art crawl is a monthly, must-do event.  Almost all the art galleries in and around downtown Wichita open their doors officially from 7-9 pm, but many of the galleries will stay open later depending on how good the traffic is or how many pieces of art are being sold. If you are lucky, you might get word of a good time at one of the handful of after parties, but that is usually way past our bedtime.

Final Friday Highlights

  • No cover charge
  • Free snacks, wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages
  • Free live music or other live entertainment
  • Free trolley shuttle from gallery to gallery
  • Great art from local/regional artists

With so much to do you are not likely to be able to take in all the galleries in one evening.  We usually look to see who is showing and where the most live entertainment will be.  The Final Friday Interactive Map at  the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation’s website is quite helpful.

Autumn & Art at Bradley Fair

Autumn is my favorite time of year and I am excited to go to my first Autumn and Art Festival. This is the 5th year for this event and is being held September 12-14 at Bradley Fair.  This event features a total of 96 artists from 21 states (24 from Kansas, 9 from Wichita) and the artwork ranges from paintings to sculptures to handmade jewelry.  I’m sure that we will be bringing home our fair share of the handmade jewelry as my wife loves that stuff. I’m looking forward to the art demonstrations and live music.  There will even be hands-on activities for my son. A family affair for sure!

Since this is my first Autumn and Art, what tips do you have for me and my family to get the most out of this weekend? I hope to see you there too.


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