I’m Going to Be a Father

In the beginning…

A little over a year ago, Melissa and I decided to start a family.  Now for many couples this simple involves suspending your birth control of choice and “getting down to business.”  We (mostly her) had to make some difficult choices pertaining to health.

The First Sonogram

You see, Melissa is a type 1 diabetic with a handful of other health concerns, which have nothing to do with diabetes. All those conditions make pregnancy and becoming pregnant, as we later found out, complicated. As for myself, I found that the busy schedule and stress working at the advertising agency did not help matters in terms of “timing” in our baby making. However, as many have told us this happens, just when we thought we would never get pregnant and had pretty much given up, I come home to find in our bathroom a pregnancy test with a post-it note next to it telling me that I am going to become a father.

Who do we tell?

We had decided early on that we would hold off telling people, but quickly found out that was like deciding that we would no longer go to the bathroom.  So, we confided with close friends and family to get us through until the end of the 1st trimester, when it was relatively “safe”.  Having told my mother early meant most of my side of the family knew and having told Melissa’s mother meant that her immediate family knew.  But the 1st trimester came and went faster than we thought and with a tweet, a Facebook update and a few phone calls, we told the world.

A new beginning…

We are the last of much our friends to start a family.  For years I have been told that having children changes everything, that your priorities change.  While our little bundle of joy is still “baking”, we have begun making some deliberate career and lifestyle changes. Melissa, before we found out we were pregnant and after we had given up hope on becoming pregnant, got a new job as an Activities Assistant at an assisted living home that specialized in dementia an alzheimer’s care. This was mostly to help relieve some of the “bread winning” stress from me to help with my end us getting pregnant.   Before the positive pregnancy test, I had been passively  looking at other opportunities but the prospect of the forthcoming addition to our family along with the inherent uncertainty of working at an advertising agency sent me on a journey that ended with becoming the new Online Marketing Manager at TGW.com — The Golf Warehouse.

As for our “lifestyle” we have begun the process of tightening our collective belt and stop living our lives like two single people who share a bank account and more like a family planning for its future.  This is probably the single greatest downfall to waiting over a decade to start a family as we have developed some really bad financial habits over that time, but with new focus in our lives, we are doing what we need to do to provide stability and success for our family.

In short, we are becoming parents. Dare I say (gulp) grown ups!


2 thoughts on “I’m Going to Be a Father

  1. Congratulations on the baby news. Your blog shows real thoughtfulness, about being a parent. All children should be as luck as yours will be.

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