It’s December in Kansas, 55 Degrees and I’m Going Geocaching

It was a day similar to today, almost five years ago, that I became a “geocacher”.  The perfect weather was too good to pass up.  Plus, I still needed to drop off the travel bug that I had picked up several months ago.   So, off to Sedgwick County Park I went with “Shy” the dog in tow.

We parked in the south lot off of 13th street.  I took a moment to get my bearings and plan our attack.  Shortly thereafter, we proceeded to find “Porcupine Alley”.  Located in a tree row just off the path, it was a fairly quick find.  It also provided a perfect new home for the “Boreas River (NY)” Red Jeep Travel Bug that I had been carrying around for the last few months. A quick resorting of the caches in the area sent Shy and I westward toward the creek that runs the western edge of the park and off we went.

A short .35 mile hike across the park brought us to the creek where there were many people in hip waders trolling the waters.  Thought about snapping a picture, but as daylight was burning, I kept moving as I still needed to cross the creek myself and I was not prepared to wade directly through it.  A little to the north, and a little out of the way, we came to a nice covered bridge and cross to a nice walking path that should take us directly to the “SC Park” geocache.  A few moments later, deja vu began to come over me.  I am fairly sure that I had found a cache in this location, but many years ago.  I double checked my gps to make sure that I had not already done it and “technically” I had not, but I am sure that was a re-posting.  Either way, I found it and I am counting it.

Last stop was just down the path and on my way back to the car, “Converted”. Tucked away along the path that exits Sedgwick County Park’s southwest corner, this geocache proved to be another relativity easy find.  Resorted the list one more time to see if we could find one more on the way back to the car, but the stars would not have it today.